A short video with ideas on how to maximize the use of our time while at Disney World.

Walt Disney World Time-Saving Tricks

Click here for video!

A few more time saving tips for Disney Parks:

  • If you stay at Disney Hotels you are admitted an hour early at different parks on different days. As I indicated in a previous post anytime you can get advance entry into the park you will have a much shorter wait time on the first 2 or 3 rides.

  • Go to the ride you want to ride the most first. Lines will only get longer as the day goes on.

  • If you leave before the park closes be sure to get your hand stamped. You may get your energy back after a short rest period and decide to return to the park. The stamp will get you back into that park that day.

  • Use the theme park maps to navigate your way quickly and efficently through the park.

  • Take advantage of the Disney FastPass!

  • Save time by buying your Disney Tickets in advance by Creating your own vacation packages at ReserveOrlando.com

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