Do you have plans for the July 4th weekend? Are you looking for a great place to take in some fireworks shows? Well let me suggest Branson Missouri.

The Branson area has several fireworks shows scheduled for July 4th. Let me give you a quick recap of what you could be missing...

Chateau on the Lake Resort will be hosting a BBQ and fireworks display on July 4th. Chateau on the Lake is Branson's only AAA Four Diamond Resort. If you would like to book the July 4th weekend at Chateau on the Lake you can follow this link. Create your own vacation packages at

Big Cedar Lodge which is one of the more popular resorts in the Branson area will be hosting a fireworks display at dusk on July 4th.

Next door to Branson in Hollister, MO a fireworks display will be held at dusk on July 4th. This is one of the longest running fireworks displays in the Ozarks. It has been conducted for over 50 years.

Can't wait until July 4th for your fireworks? Well, Branson Landing will be hosting it's 2nd annual Liberty Light Up Fireworks show on JULY 3rd. The program will kick off at 8pm with a concert in front of the beautiful fountain located in the the heart of the Landing. This is a choreographed fireworks show and it will be first class. Come early and shop and stay late for the show!

If you are not native to this region of the country let me give you a couple of pointers. It will be warm outside. Actually before dark it will be hot. Dress appropriately. The temperature will likely be in the 80's after dark. And speaking of dark you can expect it to be dark enough for the fireworks by about 9pm. Most of the fireworks displays will be between 30 minutes and an hour in length. Be patient when the shows are over it will take a little time to get back to your lodging due to traffic.

You still have time. Go ahead and follow this link and plan your July 4th weekend trip to Branson today! Create your own vacation packages at

Walt Disney just announced a new feature on their website that will help you plan your trip to any or all of their parks. It is an interactive feature that will let you pick the places you want to visit in each park. You then will have the choice of either immediately printing your customized map of each park OR they will print it and mail to your home! This is a pretty cool feature if you have been to the parks a time or two and would like to either a)make the best use of your time at the park, or b)make sure don't miss any of the new rides or attractions that been added since your last visit.

Create customizable Disney Map!

Create your own vacation packages at

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I wrote a little blurb last month about the Crater of Diamonds State Park located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. At that time I was telling you about a large diamond that had been found by a visitor after a series of rainstorms. Well, everyone wants to know how hard is it to find a diamond at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Not everyone will find a diamond but once you read this story you will want to go try for yourself. I mean it's so easy even a dog can do it!

Check out this story about a little pooch that found a nice diamond 2 days ago at the Crater of Diamonds State Park....Dog Finds Diamond.