Disney Animal Kingdom is a large park and there are many attractions to enjoy during your visit. I want to highlight some of the attractions that you can enjoy on your next Orlando Vacation.

Disney Animal Kingdom Attractions

  • Expedition Everest - This is the newest attraction at Animal Kingdom. During my last visit this ride was actually under construction. This ride looks like it's a blast. It is basically a roller coaster type ride for the big kid visitors to Animal Kingdom. Sharp drops, hairpin turns, all wrapped around and through Mt. Everest.

  • Kilimanjaro Safari - I talked about this attraction in yesterday's post. It is a must do ride at the Animal Kingdom and it is for all ages. See details on Kilimanjaro Safari.

  • Kali River Rapids - Warning! You will get wet on this ride...and that's not necessarily a bad thing! This a fun river rapid type ride in a large circular raft. The ride is experiences a 90 foot drop and has lots of twists and turns. Watch out for the water fall! Did I say you would get wet? You will. Take advantage of the storage to keep your shoes and socks dry. Your clothes will dry quickly but it's nice not to squish for the next hour or so in wet shoes.

  • Maharajah Jungle Trek - A walk through an Indian Jungle where you will encounter ruins and tigers and a few other exotic animals. This is an enjoyable attraction.

  • The Tree of Life - This is very cool and another must do attraction at Animal Kingdom. This is located in the center of the park. You can't miss it. Inside the The Tree of Life is a theater where you will see the #d show It's Tough To Be A Bug! This is really funny with lot's of surprises. Everyone can enjoy this and it's good place to cool off and have a short respite during your day at the park.

There are many other attractions within Disney Animal Kingdom but these are my favorites and the most popular. You will need an entire day to visit this park. Tomorrow we will discuss dining and entertainment at the Animal Kingdom.

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