Disney Hollywood studios will celebrate its 20th anniversary this month. The studio was originally known as Disney MGM Studios. The name was changed in January 2008 to Disney Hollywood Studio's.

I'm going to be right up front with you about this park. I like it but it is not my favorite. I actually prefer Universal Studios over Disney Hollywood. I will also admit I have only been to this park once or twice and it is actually number 4 on my personal list of the 4 major Disney Parks. Now, understand I'm not saying this is a bad park, quite the contrary, I'm just saying my preference for this type of park would be Universal Studios. That being said let's get to it.

Disney Hollywood is just that. A theme park wrapped around and covered up with movie and television related attractions and shows. It is a fun park to visit so if you have plenty of time during your Orlando vacation be sure to allow time to visit this park.

There are some must see attractions at Disney Hollywood.

Studio Backlot Tour - This is a very interesting tour that lets you in on some of "secrets" of making movies. You will be shown how sea storms and sea battles are created. You will encounter pyrotechnics. You will be taken through a prop warehouse where you will stage settings and props from shows and movies. Let's not forget the earthquake, the flash flood, and of course and a couple of really cool explosions.

Star Tours - This tour is not about movie stars. No, it's about Star Wars. And it is one of the better attractions inside the Hollywood park. This is basically trip through space Star Wars style and it is fun. You will be greeted outside by R2D2 and C3PO.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - This attraction is not for the little guys or the faint of heart. Experience a 13 story drop as you visit the once famous Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular - This is another very good show to attend while at Disney Hollywood. This is a 30 minute show that recreates many of the famous scenes from the Indiana Jones movies. Remember the giant rolling boulder? You will see it here! Also, you will learn how many of the stunts and special effects from the Indy movies were done.

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show - Another stunt show with automobiles as the main attraction. Cars flying through the air, explosions, fire and lot's of near misses. This is a 33 minutes long show that is also very good! Think of the movie Fast and the Furious combined with Evel Kneivel. Here is a short video clip!

Tomorrow we will look at in park dining as well as other things to do at Disney Hollywood!

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