Disney Epcot is one of my favorite parks and visiting it is one of my favorite things to do in Orlando.

The best rides, in my opinion, at Epcot are as follows:

  • Mission Space

  • Honey I Shrunk the Audience

  • Soarin

  • Test Track

Mission Space is a 6 minute long motion based ride that takes you on a trip through outer space on a mission to Mars. It is essentially a giant motion simulator similar to the ones used to train pilots and astronauts. This ride has two teams (read levels of intensity) an orange team and a green team. If you tend to get a little "green around the gills" from motion then you should select the green team as this version of the ride is less intense. You will still find it enjoyable you just will not experience some of the g-forces and motion that you do on the orange team. I think it's great that Disney Epcot has done this allowing even those of us who get a little queasy the opportunity to enjoy a great ride without....well, you know, getting sick.

During the mission you will blast off from earth and head to the moon. You will use the gravity of the moon to slingshot your craft toward Mars. You will also land on Mars and then blast back to Earth. Great ride, not for little kids.

Honey I Shrunk the Audience is a 3D experience. I say experience because not only are you watching a 3D movie you are also moving. Your chair moves, you experience smoke, and don't forget the dog sneezing on you ( I love that part)! There is one part where a large python with fangs seems to come after you (hey, it is 3D) that some small kids might find scary. Otherwise this is a blast! You must do this. This is also another place to cool off on hot day. The theater is dark and cool and rather refreshing to step into after a hot day.

Soarin is a newer ride to Disney Epcot. It is breathtakingly simple ride. You experience the thrill of hang-gliding without actually hang-gliding. You soar high over the state of California seeing many of its beautiful vistas as well as the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Malibu. You will see the Golden Gate Bridge, a PGA Golf tournament, as well as seeing skiers and snowboarders. This ride actually lifts you up about 40 feet into the air where you are surrounded 180 degrees by an Imax Projection Dome. This is a really cool ride. I'm not great with heights but I had no problems on this ride!

Test Track as I told you in a previous post is one of my favorites in all the parks or Orlando. Go ahead and click this link for a brief video on Test Track and then come back here for more details.

Okay, now that looks like fun doesn't it! Let me qualify my comments here about Test Track. I'm not a big car person (not into driving fast, or NASCAR). In fact I'm not a big ride person (I tend to shy away from most roller coasters whereas my wife and kids seek them out). There is something about Test Track that you can find very exhilarating without feeling terrified. This ride will take you up to 65mph during the speed test. But because you are lower than normal to the ground and you have an open top it seems as if you are going much faster. The banked turns are fabulous and the fact that you are "testing" an automobile gives you leeway to test the brakes, drive across bumpy roads, climb hills, and of course come down those same hills all in an open air vehicle. I love this ride and you must do this if you are going to go to Disney Epcot!

There are many more attractions as Disney Epcot but the ones listed above are the ones on my personal must do list. Do you prefer one that's not on the list? Leave me comment and let me know.

The fireworks/laser/water show each evening is called Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. It is spectacular! Just the right combination of fireworks with laser and water show make this my favorite amongst the park closing performances. I mean the fireworks show at Magic Kingdom is very good I just like this one a little better. The show takes place above the World Showcase lagoon each evening. Find you a spot around the lagoon about 30 minutes before show time and prepare to be in awe of the Illuminations spectacular!

TIP>> This is a simple tip for Disney Epcot but it will work if you get to the park early, like when it first opens. Most everyone will gravitate toward Spaceship Earth because it is near the entrance. Bypass that and head toward Test Track or Mission Space. Ride those first and then you can start to work your way back through the park. Make Spaceship Earth your last stop or a late afternoon stop during your visit to Disney Epcot!

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