Universal Florida is a great place to go on your vacation. There are a total of 3 parks at Universal Florida is if you count the Wet N Wild water park. The emphasis of the next few posts will be on Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure.

Universal Florida is a movie based theme park. They have a sister studio in Hollywood California which I actually went to many years ago. As you can imagine a lot of the attractions and entertainment are movie or television based. For example, Twister, takes you through some of the processes used to make the movie Twister as well as the special effects. This is very entertaining. On the other end on the spectrum you have the Terminator 2:3D experience, which is probably really hoping now the release of the new Terminator movie coming up in a few days. You also have Jaws, Shrek, Fear Factor and the new Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.

Next door at Islands of Adventure you get to visit your favorite cartoon, comic books, myths and legends. I may have hinted at this in one of the Disney post but The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is my favorite ride in Orlando, and it's a ride good for almost everyone. One of my other favorite rides is Jurassic Park. Wow, the first time you ride this you will probably scream! There are also roller coasters, and other water based rides which we will cover in more detail later.

In the next few days we will be covering these two parks in detail!

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