We have had a nice visit over the last couple of weeks of the 4 major Disney World theme parks. I really enjoy going to Disney World and experiencing what their parks have to offer. The parks are always clean, the service is great, and I have yet to come away with a totally bad experience at one of their parks.

Take advantage of the FastPass that is available at all of the Disney Parks. This can save you some wait time for the most popular rides. Try to go early, before the park opens if you have access to that, and head to the back of the park to enjoy those rides first. Then, as you work your way back to the front of the park you can hopefully benefit from shorter lines there as well.

I recommend a character breakfast if your budget allows. My favorite is at Magic Kingdom at Cinderella's castle. You can also take advantage of the character breakfast at Chef Mickey at the Contemporary resort (it is not necessary to stay at that resort to book the character breakfast there). I also enjoyed the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall breakfast at Epcot. You can check out my posts on the Disney FastPass and Character Breakfasts.

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Personally my favorite Disney World theme park is Epcot. I just enjoy the various attractions and the entertainment at that park. I also like the way it is layed and never seems as crowded as some of the other parks even though I know there are just as many people there.

After Disney Epcot, for me, it is basically a tie between Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. Both of these parks are very enjoyable with plenty of attractions, entertainment and dining. I do find that these parks appear a little more crowded just based on the way they are designed. Also, I think a lot of people who travel to Disney World for the first time feel obligated to go to Magic Kingdom as that is the park they have probably seen and read the most about. Bringing up the rear of the 4 major Disney World theme parks is Disney Hollywood. (Remember this is just my opinion). Disney Hollywood is a nice park and it is worth your time to check it out. For a movie based theme park I prefer Universal Studios.

So, if you landed on this post as a first time reader, please take the time to go back and read all of my posts on Disney World as I think you will find them meaningful and helpful as you plan your first trip to Disney World. Also, I strongly recommend you make the investment in the "Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide". You will find a tab for it at the top right corner of this blog.

Tomorrow we will continue our trip to Orlanda with a visit to Universal Studios!

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