Disney Epcot-FastPass

Posted by lrbeetravel | 8:03 AM

As we wrap up our visit to Disney Epcot I wanted to quickly review the FastPass rides with you. If you missed my post on how the FastPass works you can click the link to read about the Disney Fastpass!

The FastPass can save you time at Disney Epcot just as it can at the other parks. Again, I would recommend you go directly to Test Track and Mission: Space and actually ride those first, if you get there when the park opens. Otherwise, use your better judgement to determine if it is better to wait in line for a bit or take the FastPass and return at a later time.

Disney Epoct FastPass rides are as follows:

  • Soarin

  • Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

  • Test Track

  • Living with the Land

  • The Maelstrom

  • Mission: Space

For a map of Disney Epcot click here!

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