We temporarily interrupt these posts on Branson, Missouri to bring you a quick update on travel to Mexico. Because Mexico is such a popular destination among American tourists, and particularly those who live in the the southern portion of the United States, I wanted to get this travel update out to you.

At the moment there is an outbreak of Swine Flu that the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organizations believe started in Mexico City, Mexico. There have been over 100 reported deaths as of this writing and it has begun to spread to the United States, Canada, and New Zealeand where there are confirmed cases reported.

As of this writing there are not any government imposed travel restrictions to Mexico regarding the Swine flu. For updates on Travel Health please follow this link to the Centers for Disease Control
travel health updates.

If you have plans to travel to Mexico by car, plane, or cruise ship in the next few weeks please be mindful and watch for updates not only from the CDC but from your travel carrier and the state department.

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