If you can't find a show you like in Branson Missouri, well then, I'm afraid that's your problem. There are now so many types of shows to choose from that anyone can find something they will delight in during their visit to Branson.

The original shows of Branson, The Presley's and The Baldknobbers, are still in production today. The Baldknobbers have been performing now for 50 years. Both of these shows are country music (both old country and new country hits) as well as slapstick country comedy. You will leave either of these shows laughing and feeling entertained.

If your prefer dinner AND a show then I would encourage you to check out either the Dixie Stampede or the Branson Belle. The Dixie Stampede is Dolly Parton's showcase. You will be served a 4-course meal and then entertained by a mock battle of the North and South. The audience gets to participate and it is a fun time. The Branson Belle is a dinner cruise on Table Rock Lake followed by an entertaining show featuring ventriloquist Todd Oliver and his talking dogs!

If you prefer something a little different in the musical category try Shoji Tabuchi. He is a world renowned fiddle player that will absolutely amaze you with his ability play the fiddle. Many times his wife and daughter perform with him. These tickets always go fast.

Do you prefer to be impressed by magic? If so check out Kirby and Bambi VanBurch. Their show is quite good. They incorporate the use of tigers. They also usually have one really big illusion like making a car or helicopter disappear from the stage before your very eyes.

There is literally a show for everyone in Branson (prefer a dance show..check out Spirit of the Dance). The ticket prices will vary but you can put categorize most of them into the $30 - $50 range per ticket for adults. Most shows have a teenager price that is about $10 cheaper and a children's price that is anywhere from free to $10 depending on the show.

Everyone wants to know if you can get discounts on the show tickets or get free tickets. Well, if you want to go to a 2 or 3 hour condo tour/sales presentation you can often get a free ticket or two. But is this how you really want to spend your vacation? You can also pick up coupon sheet and coupon books all over Branson that will save you a couple of dollars on each ticket.

The best way to get you tickets and the best price is to buy them in advance. You can do this by clicking on the banner in the upper right corner of this blog or click Branson Missouri Shows. Be sure and select the tab for Branson Shows to get the best prices on your tickets.

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