You have found your hotel or condo and gotten properly settled. You spent a day at Silver Dollar City enjoying the rides, watching the craftsmen, taking in shows, and of course enjoying the good home cooking there.

Now, for your next adventure, if you so choose, I suggest spending a few hours enjoying the shops and shopping malls. Branson originally had a few local crafts stores and the normal grocery and shopping stores you find in most small towns. Once Branson began to catch on as a tourist destination one of the first things to go Big in Branson was outlet mall shopping.

The first of the outlet malls to be developed was the Factory Merchants Mall. This is known to Branson regulars as the red-top mall. (Three guesses as to why it's called the red-top mall). The Factory Merchants Mall is still open in Branson. It's a nice very open and spread out mall. There are a couple of different levels since it's built onto a hill-side. If you want to see a detail list of stores click the link provided in the previous sentence.

The second outlet mall is the Tanger Outlet Center. The Tanger Center is known by Branson regulars as the blue-top mall. Yes, it has a blue-top. This mall is newer than the red-top mall and tends to be preferred by the younger crowd because of the store line-up. You can find a Nike store, Bannana Republic, Reebok, Aeropostale, American Eagle and Old Navy just to name a few. They have some really good prices especially if you catch them at season change (back to school and spring).

The other outlet mall is The Shoppes at Branson Meadows, which also has a movie theater attached. This is located a little off the beaten path on the northside of Branson. If you can see the big white water tower on the hill to the north of Hwy 76 then The Shoppes is just below the water tower. The last time I was in Branson this particular mall had only a few shops open. There were many vacant stores. So, I'm not sure if it is to be closed or the owners are going to try and obtain new tenants. The one store that I really liked at The Shoppes was the VF Factory outlet. There was also a nice little bookstore that had mostly books that were not new releases.

Now, the newest shopping establishment in Branson is Branson Landing. Branson Landing is much more upscale and is not an outlet mall. It is has first run merchandise and many of the newest stores. Please click the link to see a complete list. One of the nice things about Branson Landing is that it's on Lake Taneycomo and there seems to always be a nice breeze into this open air shopping facility. There is also a Bass Pro Shop on one end that can keep most men entertained for at least an hour or so. The other big plus with Branson Landing is that there are real restaraunts and other places to get a coffee or ice cream. The other outlet malls are really lacking in this area. I would suggest you either go early and finish up with lunch at Joe's Crab Shack or maybe end your day at Branson Landing and have dinner at Garfields or Macaroni Grill.

If you prefer to shop for something a little more "crafty" I would suggest the Engler Block or the Branson Craft Mall. Either of these will let you get a feel for the local craftsmanship and provides and opportunity to purchase unique items.

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