Branson Missouri is a great family vacation destination. It is centrally located in the in the United States and with it's newly expanded airport it has become much easier to get there for those who either don't want to drive or the drive is to far.

What better way to begin a stay in Branson than with a trip to Silver Dollar City. Silver Dollar City is located just a few minutes west of the Branson Strip on Highway 76. At Silver Dollar city you will find many rides and shows for the entire family. They now have the Giant Swing, which is literally a giant swing. The Powder Keg which is a roller coaster that will take your from 0 to 53mph in 2.8 seconds, wow! You can see a short video of the powder keg here. For those a little more laid back you can ride the Silver Dollar Line Steam Train and the kids can enjoy Geyser Gulch (warning somebody will get wet)!

If you have never been to Silver Dollar City you need to plan to spend the entire day there. Go early and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Have a pastry or cinnamon roll at Eva and Delilah's bakery. Then take a stroll around the park and enjoy the many demonstrations of craftsmanship. Then when you are ready take on some of the rides. Surely by now you need a bite of lunch. Try Big Jack's Sandwich Shop or one of the many other eateries inside of Silver Dollar City. A few more rides and you will want to sit down and rest a bit. There is plenty of shade and plenty of places to sit in Silver Dollar City. Why not take in a show while you are resting? There are over 49 live shows daily! Everything from comedy to bluegrass to Chinese Acrobats. After the show(s) take in a some more rides or just walk and enjoy the shops and the craftsman that are demononstrating their skills.
You are certainly welcome to head back to town for dinner but I would encourage you to check out Molly's Mill restaraunt or Aunt Polly's Fried Chicken. You will be glad you did.

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