Branson Missouri has numerous restaraunts to choose from for your dining pleasure. You can get everything from home style cooking to fine dining. Let's face it. You came to Branson either to have fun for the weekend or for a family vacation. So, let's make the most of our dining experience by having a little fun along the way!

For breakfast I usually do one of the following options:

  • The first option is to eat at the continental breakfast provided at the hotel. You can do this if your hotel has a breakfast feature.
  • Another choice, not personal favorite but one the kids always enjoy, is the Krispy Kreme donut shop located right on Hwy 76 near the entrance to the Tanger Outlet Center which I discussed in a previous post. Just look for the sign in the window to be lit indicating that hot, fresh donuts are available.
  • A personal favorite, and a family favorite as well, is the Panera Bread Company. They have wonderful muffins, pastries, cinnamon rolls, bread, breakfast sandwiches, and very good coffee. I'm picky about my coffee and Panera Bread has very good coffee. Panera Bread is on Green Mountain drive. Turn left at the McDonalds off of Hwy 76, if you are heading west, and follow the road about 1/3 of mile to the bottom of the hill. Panera is on the right.
  • Finally, if I'm looking for a big, hearty breakfast I usually drop in on the Cracker Barrel and have the Uncle Herschel or Mama's Pancake breakfast. Either of these meals will last you until late in the afternoon, unless your out lumberjacking or maybe you run a marathon a couple of hours after breakfast. Cracker Barrel is on Hwy 76 farther down the strip. It is near Olive Garden (across the street).

I'm not one for a big lunch. I usually try to stay reasonably light.

  • One of those fun little places to have lunch is the Hard Luck Diner. The Hard Luck Diner is located in the Grand Palace Shops next door to the Grand Palace Theater. Now, you can go their for dinner if you like but my recommendation is for lunch. They have good cheeseburgers, club sandwiches, chicken sandwiches and thick shakes. This is a 50's style diner and that is pretty cool in itself. It even has a soda fountain. But the fun thing about the Hard Luck Diner is the waiters and waitresses sing between orders. You will hear everything from gospel to country to oldies to pop! Most of the them are pretty good too! And of course they sell their CD's at the checkout counter.
  • Now, I know we listed this folks for breakfast but I like them for lunch as well. That's the Panera Bread Company. (Trust me folks the one in Branson is really good) Sandwiches, salad, and soup are on the menu. I usually will grab a half sandwich and a cup of soup. If it's summer time or warm out I usually order a salad. The food is always fresh and well prepared.
  • Another place for lunch is Fuddruckers. Fudd's is fairly new to Branson but I like it. They have wonderful hamburgers, sandwiches and salads. I also like their milk shakes. Fudd's is located near Dixie Stampede. It is closer to Hwy 65 than the other dining establishments discussed so far.
  • There are many other places for lunch I just hit on a few of my favorites here.

For dinner you again have numerous options. You can have dinner and a show, or you can just focu on dinner. We will focus on dinner here. Click on the link in the last sentence that will take you to my post on entertainment where I recommend two dinner/show choices.

  • One of my personal favorites is the Outback In Branson Grill. I don't think these folks are associated with the Outback chain. Their steaks, chicken, and shrimp are all excellent. Most entree's are served with a salad or soup, a side, and fresh baked bread. I don't make it by the Outback in Branson everytime I go but I sure try! It is located across Hwy 76 from the Hwy 76 Shopping Center.
  • Another place for dinner is Joe's Crab Shack. It is located in Branson Landing. I would suggest an early evening their and ask to be seated on the patio so you can enjoy the night breeze off of Lake Taneycomo. You know about Joe's I'm sure. Fresh seasfood, entertaining wait staff. I have not personally eaten at the one in Branson but I have eaten in 2 or 3 other Joe's. The one in Destin was really good. The one in San Diego was pretty good. My wife and daughter have eaten and the one in Branson and said it was a little smaller than the other Joe's Crab Shack's but the food and service were excellent. A
  • Another great place for lunch or dinner is McFarlain's. McFarlain's is located in the Imax Entertainment Complex. You will find homestyle cooking at McFarlain's. If you are going for the first time or if you have been before and are taking some Branson newbie's with you be sure and ask for the "rising table". It start's out at normal table height. It gradually move upward until it's up around your chest. This is very gradual so it's a really good prank. McFarlain's is located just off of Shepard of the Hills Expressway.

There a large number of dining establishments in Branson. I suggest you visit at the link below to review their extensive listing of restaraunts in advance.

Branson Restaurant Information

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