Although I am a proponent for spending Thanksgiving with family for many folks Thanksgiving is a 2 day paid vacation tacked in front of a weekend. With 4-days to get away what better way to do it than spend it in Branson. Branson, MO is nestled in the Ozark mountains between Harrison, AR and Springfield, MO. It is a touristy kind of town like Gatlinburg, TN. Branson will be decorated to the max with Christmas lights everywhere during the Thanksgiving holidays. Branson and the surrounding areas are very beautiful, especially this time of year.

If you were to spend Thanksgiving Day in Branson you would find many restaraunts and shopping outlets open. In addition there are going to be over 60 shows open on Thanksgiving Day in Branson. Of course you will need to find lodging and there are many hotels with fantastic rates for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. It's not too late to book your room and make your way to Branson for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Go ahead...what are you waiting invitation? You got it. Just click the link below and book your room and any shows you may want to see. Then head to Branson and enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend.

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