One More Note on Places to eat...

Posted by lrbeetravel | 1:01 PM

When you visit Honolulu, HI

Ok. I do love CHEESEBURGERS IN PARADISE but sometimes we want something a little more, oh I don't know, upscale maybe, or maybe the word I'm looking for is sweeter....No, No, I've got it! Something more decadent! Now, let me tell you this, just a short walk down Kalakaua Avenue from Cheeseburgers in Paradise is the CHEESECAKE FACTORY. (Is it just me or am I developing a cheese theme here..) Anyway, from entree's that contain more food than you can ever eat to the absolutely decadent selection of cheesecakes you can't go wrong with the CHEESECAKE FACTORY. A couple of suggestions for you when you visit this wonderful restaurant. If you are dining with your significant other, I suggest you split an entree. The portions are so large that if you eat it all, you will have no room for dessert. AND my second suggestion is make sure you save room for dessert! The selection of cheesecakes is almost like going to Baskin Robins and trying to pick one of the multitudes of flavors available. They are all good, but you will have to try a few to determine your favorite. I ended up with two favorites...the strawberry cheesecake and the turtle cheesecake.
Another way to enjoy this restaurant is after a day of walking and sightseeing stop in at their dessert bar pick up a slice of cheesecake to take back to your room for dessert. Besides, with all that walking you did today, you deserve a treat!
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